• Childrens dentistry

  • Childhood is one of the most vital times in a person’s life to maintain good care of their teeth, yet for a number of reasons it can be difficult to maintain your child’s good dental health. At Craigie Dental Practice & Implant Centre we offer a friendly & helpful environment aimed at reassuring children that the dentist is nothing to be worried about.



    Preventing damage to your child’s milk teeth is very important, as damage done to them through trauma or inadequate care can have a pronounced negative effect later in life.

    A fondness for sugary food & drink can play havoc with developing teeth, especially if their owner does not learn to take good care of them through effective brushing. Our dentists offer help & advice to you & your child on avoiding tooth decay before it can become a serious problem.


    If the worst happens & your child does develop some tooth decay, our dentists can fix the problem through removing the decay & replacing it with the most appropriate restorative material (more commonly known as a ‘filling’) for him or her.

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